⛹️‍♂️Player Life Cycle

Learn how NFT player evolve over time while they build their career on your team πŸ₯‡

An Evolving NFT Ecosystem 🌎

MetaSports Basketball is one of the first games with an evolving ecosystem of NFTs that change, age, and grow in skill over time. As MBA players grow in skill and affect the salary cap or complete their careers and retire MBA franchisers will have to evolve and adapt to stay competitive in this ever-changing economy.

Even though players retire it is easy to replenish your team. Use $BALL tokens to purchase players on the marketplace or even randomized MBA player packs. As well, MBA player NFTs can be earned while playing in Salary Mode seasons. There is always opportunity to change and grow your team!

A Player's Career πŸ†

Players will be minted with a randomly generated age. On average they will play for 15 to 20 seasons. Each season equals one year in the life of the player. The retirement age will be between the ages of 34 - 40 years.

Stats & Traits Evolution 🌱

The statistics of each player will increase or decrease after a season is completed. Statistic traits will change depending on various factors including minutes played and their season performance.

After a player is retired they can be utilized in the exhibition tournaments mode. More features for retired players will come in the future, including coaching and training roles.

Once a player retires they become eligible to obtain a Hall of Fame status (coming soon on our roadmap). NFT players who had many championships and individual accolades will be inducted into the HoF.

Your players will gain more experience towards getting inducted if their achievements were obtained in higher Salary Cap seasons and/or in Salary Mode, however, free mode is still a great way to collect achievements and experience towards the HoF.

The retired players who obtain Hall of Fame will revert to their highest overall rated season statistics. So prepare yourself to be as strategic as possible and drive your entire team into the Hall of Fame!

Trading and Borrowing πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§

If you don't feel like playing or want to make some tactical changes to your team, you will be able to trade, loan, and borrow players for the different seasons and tournaments.

Loan your NFTs for $MBA/$BALL and/or percentage in other users' season winnings of $MBA/$BALL.

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