๐Ÿ‘ฝEthereum + StarkNet + IPFS + IC

Why did we decide to build the MBA on this technology stack?

With MetaSports Basketball, weโ€™re building an open game ecosystem where NFTs and assets can interoperate not only across different experiences but across different chains (ex. to bring in NFTโ€™s from anywhere to be eligible to morph into MBA players).

Howโ€™s this achieved? By leveraging a multi-chain setup, where we can showcase the vision of how use-case-specific protocols can partner up to drive better, faster, and more accessible experiences to everyone. In this case, weโ€™re using:

We use Ethereum as the base asset layer for MBA NFTโ€™s and tokens; Starknet as the orchestration layer and game rewards layer to provide flexibility and optionality in terms of what chain users decide to receive their assets on; and the Internet Computer for low-value transactions related to the game, as well as the gameplay and game logic, and IPFS as a storage redundancy layer and unique content identified for the game assets.

This means that assets/rewards from the game (NFTs and Tokens) are assigned on StarkNet (based on gameplay data it receives from the Internet Computer), and mirrored across both chains through Terabethia. Then it can be up to the user to decide where they receive their assets, and if they want to move them from the IC or Ethereum or Starknet or other Layer 2โ€™s and back for other purposes.

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