🏟️NFT Franchises

Learn more about how franchises (teams) will become NFTs in the future of MetaSports Basketball, further expanding the game's metaverse capabilities.

Franchises (the teams each players creates) will play an important role in the future of the MBA. They will evolve to become tradeable NFTs to create a new layer of interaction, gameplay, and ownership in the MBA.

Players will be able to own and sell entire teams/franchises, build brands and followings around them, and open up the possibility to custom leagues (e.g. NFT-branded leagues). Eventually, that can include NFT stadiums as well, owned by individuals or franchises.

Our vision for the MBA is to create a flexible metaverse ecosystem, where players can own their franchise from top to bottom, or segment ownership and responsabilities if they like! For example, distributing roles (e.g. franchise owner, player owner, e-sport athlete, etc.).

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