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MetaSports Basketball is a blockchain-based videogame.

Its usage doesn’t imply in any way the collection, processing, usage, or request of personally identifiable information from its users. It is the user’s responsibility to control, decide, and manage what personal information they will share as MetaSports doesn’t require any to function, request it in any way, or has access/control over it.

Therefore, we will keep these privacy policies extra simple, because they only apply to MetaSports Basketball website and main communication/community channels (Discord, Email, Twitter), and we don’t process personal information in those spaces either.

MetaSports Basketball & Personal Data

We can simplify MetaSport's policies regarding personal information in three bullets:

  1. MetaSports doesn’t collect, process, use, require or disclose personal information.

  2. MetaSports doesn’t have, or requires, access to personal information of any type.

  3. MetaSports doesn’t share or sell any type of personal information.

The only scenario of personal data collection present on the website is MetaSports' email newsletter, where an email is solely collected for the purpose of communicating news to subscribers. Users can withdraw and delete their email from the list any time through the unubscribe form, or by requesting the team directly.

MetaSports Basketball uses Plausible.io Analytics on its website. This analytics provider is privacy-oriented and doesn’t use cookies to provide for basic website usage and anonymous visit analytics. The information provided by this tracker is anonymous, not user-identifiable, and extremely basic (traffic, sources, device type, geography).

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy might be subject to minor changes in the future, which will be informed correspondingly on this page with an updated revision of the policy.

If at any point there is a new communication channel that generates a point of data processing, like the future addition of a forum or newsletter, they will be added on this page and users will be informed on that specific point of entry as well. At the moment, none of those exist.

If in need to contact us regarding our privacy policies, refer to our Discord channel.

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